Chandigarh also known as “The City Beautiful”, Chandigarh is one of the modern cities of India designed by the French architect LeCorbusier. It is the capital of two north Indian states, Punjab and Haryana and has the highest per capita income in India, making it one of the most affluent cities.

The rich culture of the city stands as a testimonial of its multi-ethnic population. The open hand monument in Capitol Complex in the city has been recently declared an UNESCO world heritage site, which convey the message of openness of ideas, peace and unity. The city is nestled within the beautiful Shivalik hill ranges, and has a lot of places to explore in and around.

The city is known for its beautiful gardens, especially the Rose Garden with almost 1600 different species of roses. There is another unique garden named Rock Garden, which showcases exquisite artwork made by using industrial and urban wastes like porcelain, forks, metal wires, play marbles, auto parts & broken bangles etc. A beautiful man made lake in the heart of city, namely Sukhna lake is the most popular tourist attraction of Chandigarh.